Kundalini Yoga


What is Kundalini Yoga?


This old style of yoga is experiencing a grand resurgence and is currently the fastest growing style of yoga on the planet.  Anyone can do Kundalini yoga and spandex is not required!  Kundalini yoga uses physical movements, breath work, hand mudras, chanting and meditation to alleviate stress and promote a balanced level of energy.



What are the Benefits?


A Kundalini yoga set is called a kriya ( a prescribed set of exercises) and these kriyas help to strengthen systems within the body; such as the endocrine system or nervous system.  When our nervous system is upgraded we feel better and are more equipped to handle the stressors of life.


Do I have to wear white or a turban?

Absolutely not!  Wear what you are comfortable in.  Some Kundalini yogis choose to wear white because it makes them feel empowered and uplifted. Wearing a turban may help direct energy to the crown of the head, may stimulate pressure points, may hold the plates of the skull steady to deepen meditation. The decision to wear or not wear a turban is about finding what resonates best with you and your own experience.

IIs Kundalini Yoga a religion?

No.  Kundalini Yoga will enhance your sense of spirit and connect you with the energy of your being;your life force or Prana. The mantras (chants) used are not particular to a specific religion and are universal in nature.  


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