As far back as I can remember I’ve always been curious.  Curious about pretty much everything; but mostly about ideas that are a bit vague, the ones that leave some room for questioning, imagination and interpretation are what I love to think about the most.  What if we didn’t know everything, what if there were different ways to understand the “reality” we live in.  And what are the teachings that can I use to understand my reality so I use my time joyfully and wisely while I’m here?  


Becoming a yoga teacher was a random leap of faith I took one day when I signed up for Teacher Training. And it was my first step back to myself. I’ve always been active; running, swimming, aerobics and dance, however, when I found yoga it was like coming home. 


My teacher says, “The mind cannot cure the mind.”  Another one of my favorite quotes is “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.”  I had a well-intentioned friend once say to me “you know, Michele, doing downward facing dogs all day isn’t going to cure anything.”  But what if they could?  What if a yoga practice balanced with movement, breath, meditation, self study and reflection could change our patterns; mental, physical and energetic patterns that keep us stuck acting and reacting as we always have.  So my curiosity and testing and trying on new yogic technologies and practices have sustained my practice and teaching for the last 11 years.


I’ve studied many different yoga traditions including; power vinyasa, Anusara, Ashtanga/Iyengar, Tantra and most recently Kundalini and my classes reflect these influences.  Pranayama (breath work) and mantra (chanting/singing) are two of my favorite things, the ones I find most magical so most of my classes include these elements along with asana (poses).


I hope to see you on the mat!


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